Biographical Sketch

Steve Sauer is a writer and musician based in Boca Raton, Fla., who has dedicated a portion of his life researching the history of rock group Led Zeppelin and monitoring the ongoing careers of the band's surviving members.

He enjoys uncovering stories and has employed various methods to communicate those stories to Led Zeppelin's vast fan base, utilizing terrestrial radio and the many facets of the Internet: from Usenet newsgroups to plain e-mail and now Facebook and Twitter. Steve also connects with live audiences when performing as a backup vocalist and keyboard player with various bands, including past onstage appearances with three cover or tribute acts performing the music of Led Zeppelin.

Although Steve was barely a year old when Led Zeppelin broke up and it took him until his teen years to appreciate the music, it didn't take long to make up for it. At age 18, he developed the concept of a daily newsletter concentrating on one historical event for each day of the calendar year. Upon completing the requisite research, Steve began publishing On This Day In Led Zeppelin History, initially distributed via a Usenet newsgroup and later via e-mail.

It was through this newsletter that, in 2001, Steve first caught the attention of Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, who provided a four-hour interview that is thought to be his most extensive in longer than two decades.

Steve manually fulfilled subscribe and unsubscribe requests for the first several years of publication until the subscriber list blossomed to number in the thousands. At this point, he transferred the mailing list to the free automated service provided by Yahoo! Groups. Today, the newsletter is also represented on the Web by a blog site located at

To cover not only the past but also the present, Steve launched Lemon Squeezings: Led Zeppelin News. Through this site, he monitored the lead-up to the band's reunion concert at the end of 2oo7. Since then, he has closely examined every rumor of a followup tour since then, often dispelling or clarifying misinformation perpetrated by the mainstream media. Using his journalistic training, he has also uncovered some facts and accounts previously unreported elsewhere.

In 2009, Steve began working on retainer as a contributing writer and consultant for Denny Somach Productions, assisting with the launch of the syndicated radio program Get the Led Out, which originated in New York and by the end of the year was syndicated in daily and weekly formats in 100 U.S. markets including Los Angeles. Steve also provides content for a Web site associated with the radio show,